About Us

With over 200 members, the Morton Ranch High School Band program is the single-largest organization on campus.  By joining this group, you are making a commitment to be a valuable member of the campus community.  Through participation in music education programs, students learn more than just the artistry of music.  Colleges and future employers covet music students due to the life skills created through participation in our organization because they KNOW that these students will succeed among the rigors of university life.  Work ethic, self-discipline, cooperation, time management, and leadership skills are just a few of the valuable traits that students can develop through their involvement in band.

As you already know, band is also a big “family!”  The friendships you make in band will go beyond your high school years and will make your transition to high school easier and more fun!

General Band Objectives


  • To instill in each participating member the desire to succeed in their endeavors.
  • To improve student’s individual and ensemble skills to the best of their abilities.
  • To provide aesthetic expression and outlets for creativity through music as an art form.
  • To educate the individual as to the importance of teamwork in all facets of life.

Public Relations

  • To represent the Katy Independent School District in community, school, and University Interscholastic League events.


  • To develop and enlarge an appreciation of music through exposure to and performance of the highest quality symphonic and marching band music.


  • To provide all members with a creative use of leisure time.
  • To instill in each member the knowledge to become an educated consumer of music.


21000 Franz Rd

Katy, TX, 77449