MRIP Drum-a-thon Sponsorship

Help Sponsor one of our Morton Ranch Indoor Percussion students for their 6-hour Drum-a-thon.

Examples of hourly sponsorships:
$1 an hour = $6 donation
$2.50 an hour = $15 donation
$5 an hour = $30 donation
$10 an hour = $60 donation
$20 an hour = $120 donation



The Morton Ranch Indoor Percussion ensemble (MRIP) is well into their 2021 season with a riveting production called Nevermore. The show is a musical rendition of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem: The Raven. As part of the preparation for our competitive season, we are holding a single all-day practice called “Drum-a-thon” during  which we will rehearse for six hours on February 20th. This Drum-a-thon is one of the few fundraisers to help offset the costs of our indoor production, which can exceed $25,000 and each of our students are looking for sponsors! Please consider an hourly sponsorship for this fundraiser. Your generosity will go towards transportation costs, staff, equipment, instruments, and help us on our road to the Texas Color Guard Circuit Season Finale in mid-April!

If you would like a recording of our production, make sure you check the box, and we will send a link to view the first recording of our show.

Additional information

Sponsorship Amounts

$6 ($1/hr), $15 ($2.50/hr), $30 ($5/hr), $60 ($10/hr), $120 ($20/hr)